Redefining Permanent Image Embedding

Mareiners, LLC is a privately held Oregon research and development company that is owned and operated by Reiner Goertzen.  The company’s focus is to develop and market new innovative products and processes for use and distribution throughout the world.

For the past 10 years, Mareiners, LLC has developed and refined its proprietary patented technology on a broad spectrum of products and decorative items.  A strong commitment to the importance of detail, quality and durability has set the standard for the products and processes delivered.

A key Mareiners process is US Patent # 7022202, wherein decorative finishes and images are applied to two or three dimensional objects, particularly metallic surfaces such as anodized aluminum. Patent #7022202 eclipses other decoration processes as it produces a permanent image embedded within the anodized coating. That means the anodizing process can be applied to a multitude of shapes without adding undesirable surface thickness.

The market for our process is limited only by the lack of knowledge of its existence. Today, the industry is used to seeing solid anodized colors (solid blue, red, black, etc.). We provide your facility with the exciting ability to apply FULL COLOR digital images while still meeting Type II and Type III anodizing specs, adding value to your customers products.